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British Hajj and Umrah Services has over 11 years experience in the field of Hajj Packages, Umrah Tours and Umrah Packages. It is our teams vast experience taking hajj and umrah groups that make us one of the leading companies in this field. There are many Hajj and Umrah companies in the UK to choose from, however what differentiates us from the rest are 5 key factors that every member of staff must adhere to:

Professionalism All staff members must be competent, treat pilgrims with respect and be helpful at all times.

Communication This is the key to our success, regular updates and personal contact with the pilgrims is crucial to ensure pilgrims are at ease at all times.

Teamwork All staff members must be able to work as part of a team and be willing to help and support other staff at a drop of a hat without hesitation.

Knowledge - All staff members must possess detailed knowledge of Airport Immigration, Passport control, Coach Arrangements, Ziyarats, How to perform Umrah and both the holy cities Makkah and Madinah. They must have all been group leaders for Hajj Tours a minimum of 5 times.

Determination All staff must be determined to make the hajj a success for the pilgrims, determined to work round the clock if required and to put the needs of the pilgrims before anything else.

For Hajj Packages 2015 and Umrah Packages 2014, feel free to browse the website or just call us if you need more information. We are members of ATOL and registered with the Ministry of Hajj.

Umrah Packages 2014

"Pilgrimage to the House (of Allah) is a duty man owes to Allah upon those who can afford the journey." (Surah Ale-Imran - 97) British Hajj and Umrah Services specialises in providing custom made Umrah Tours and Packages to Mecca and Madinah. We accommodate hujjaj to suit all budgets and make all the booking arrangements from start to finish.

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Hadith on virtues of Hajj and Umrah

Al-Fadl (his brother) was riding behind Allah's Apostle and a woman from the tribe of Khath'am came and Al-Fadl started looking at her and she started looking at him. The Prophet turned Al-Fadl's face to the other side. The woman said, "O Allah's Apostle! The obligation of Hajj enjoined by Allah on His devotees has become due on my father and he is old and weak, and he cannot sit firm on the Mount; may I perform Hajj on his behalf?" The Prophet replied, "Yes, you may." That happened during the Hajj-al-Wida

Sahih Al Bukhari Volume 2, Book 26, Number 589: Narrated Abdullah bin Abbas

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