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Why are we paying more for Umrah Flights?
Pilgrims are advised to be very careful booking Umrah flights
on the Internet. There has been a massive increase of complaints from pilgrims booking flights on websites such as Opodo, Airline Network, British Airways website etc but non these flights are valid for Umrah Passengers. It is advised before booking on these Internet sites that you confirm with the company providing the tickets that you're an Umrah passenger. Quite often these flights are non-refundable and non-changeable leaving the pilgrims purchasing new tickets at the Airport, most of the time a lot these flight providers are not aware of what Umrah fare is. The Internet prices are for passengers travelling on business, work permit and Iqamah holders. So, why do passengers pay more travelling on Umrah or Hajj Visas?? Fantastic question but there isno reason, the Airlines are simply charging more and penalising pilgrims going for Hajj and Umrah offering absolutely no extra services. On average an Umrah passenger will pay between £100-£150 more per seat with no added extras.