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Pilgrims stopped from flying to Jeddah on Non-Umrah flights.
There has been a huge surge of Umrah Passengers complaining

 and being stuck at airports unable to fly as they purchased their flights to go to Umrah on Internet sites such as Opodo, British Airways Direct, Southall Travel, Netflights etc. Numerous Internet companies are offering low cost fares to Jeddah but sadly these flight tickets are not valid for Umrah passengers. Most Airlines which include Emirates, Itihad, Turkish, Saudi, BMI and now BA charge a minimum of £100-£150 per passenger extra for Umrah travelers.



Why?? You may well ask yourself, there is absolutely no genuine reason for this excess except for Airlines to make more money out of pilgrims. There have many instances where pilgrims have been forces to purchase new tickets at the airports as the Internet are by enlarge non-changeable and non-refundable. This can be a very costly exercise. Our advice is before booking any flights on the Internet or your local Travel Agent ensure they are valid for travel on Umrah Visa.