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Extra space for 200,000 more in Grand Mosque
MAKKAH The northern courtyards of the Grand Mosque are
 being prepared to receive 200,000 worshippers from the first day of Ramadan, 80,000 more than last year.
The northern courtyards will accommodate 150,000 people on the Al-Ghazza side and 50,000 on the Al-Shubaikah side, said Deputy Undersecretary of the Grand Mosque Affairs for Services Yousif Bin Abdullah Al-Wabil.
The courtyards will have high-quality carpets, Zamzam water containers, microphones, and speakers to transmit the prayers and, for the first time, lectures given by Ulema from inside the mosque. There will also be Dawa offices in the courtyards to distribute copies of the Holy Qur’an.
The location of the demolished Ajyad Hospital has been allocated to security and services units this Ramadan. – Okaz/SG By Majid Al-Mafdhali