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Scope for Saudi Tourism Development
Scope for Saudi Tourism Development Quite apart from its two holy cities and its role as a centre of Islamic pilgrimage,
 the kingdom has considerable scope for drawing additional visitors.

It has spectacular desert and mountain scenery as well as historic sites such as the Madain Saleh, which ranks alongside Petra as a Unesco world heritage site.

Saudi Arabia's Red Sea coast is attracting most attention, stretching 1,840km from Jordan to Yemen with unspoiled reefs and offering some of the finest coral diving in the world.

The first major development at Al-Rayis near Yanbu in the Medina region could be launched by the end of this year.

Resorts at Fursan in the Farasan Islands in Jizan province, at Haridha in Asir province, as well as at Ras Humaid, Sharma, Qayyal and Dhaffat Al Wajh in the Tabuk region, are also planned.