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Our Mission

British Hajj & Umrah Services
293 New Hall Lane
Fax: 01772 701070
Phone: 01772 701201

Mission Statement

The British Hajj & Umrah Services will Inshallah provide a spiritually enlightening journey for Pilgrims who wish to visit Makkah & Medinah. Our 20 years experience provides the Pilgrim with renowned scholars, training, top class hospitality and our local knowledge distinguishes us as the operator of choice on this divine life changing trip.

Our Vision

The British Hajj & Umrah Services will be a Centre of Excellence for preparing Pilgrims for Hajj & Umrah and be a means to enriching people lives.

Core Values

We honor the mind, body, heart, and spirit in each individual, knowing the need to balance and blend all these elements. In thorough Hajj & Umrah training programme, we encourage authenticity as a means to build trust, and as essential to the growth and development of the whole.
We will inshallah do what we say we will do, to meet commitments, and be dependable and responsible.
In business and in relationships we conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness, truth, candor, and respect. We treat others, as we ourselves would want to be treated. We focus on the collective good.
We value the practice of service and what it teaches us about ourselves, and our relation to others. Our participants are here to experience the world in new ways. We are attuned to and care about their experience, needs, and expectations. We treat each other with similar grace.
We strive for clear, direct, and unambiguous communication. We seek true, underlying meaning, and employ spiritual guidance in that quest.
We consider the impact of the holy places. We advocate for fairness, make decisions for the common good. Our facilities are grounded in the awareness of other Pilgrims from around the world. We endeavor to have our work in the world be self-sustaining.
We work together, inclusively, collaboratively, with energy, intention, and commitment. We keep each other informed, share what we are thinking and doing, and expect the same in return.
We invite people to meet us, attend our workshops, feel safe, to create community, to feel relaxed, and find nourishment in our inner selves. Our culture is nurturing, relaxing, stimulating, and inspiring.

You are the house, the master,
You are the Kaaba, you! . . .
Where is a bunch of roses,
if you would be this garden?
Where, one soul's pearly essence
when you're the Sea of God?
That's true - and yet your troubles
may turn to treasures rich -
How sad that you yourself veil
the treasure that is yours!

Rumi ‘The Pilgrimage’