Last Minute Hajj Deals

Last Minute Hajj Deals will be available through British Hajj and Umrah Services. Our partner agents throughout the UK send us their left over packages to sell off on their behalf. Last Minute Hajj Deals will ensure your desire to spend time in Madinah our beloved City of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) walk on the same soil on roads where the companions walked on many years ago. Perform Umrah and then complete your Hajj with a group of professional and experienced team who will ensure your journey goes as smoothly as possible.

British Hajj and Umrah services have helped hundreds of pilgrims fulfil their Hajj journey through Last Minute Hajj Deals.

Please note Last minute Hajj Deals will only be available approximately 4 weeks before travel as they’re sold at a loss. Details and responsibility of the package will be provided by the Tour Operator taking the group. Please note British Hajj and Umrah Services will not take any responsibility for a third parties package.

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