“I thank you from my heart for letting me have the opportunity to do Hajj. I pray to Allah to accept our hajj and to have the opportunity to do it again and again with you again. ”

Dr Nasser Mohammad , - 24/09/2017

“Performed Umrah and Hajj with ease”

“Alhamdolillah with the grace of Allah we performed all our Urkans of Umrah and hajj with ease, we had plenty of time to perform our Umrah and we all had 8 hours rest before we went off to Mina. The group leaders ensured we got to Mina early so no one took our tents, this was brilliant as the following day I saw lots of groups arguing for space and tents. Our group leaders also ensured all our pilgrims got to Arafat and Mudhdalifa and back to Mina, they even took people in groups to pelt the shaitaan.”

Mr Musharaf and Rehana Dean , Bolton - 15/09/2017

Very Accommodating for my needs

“I was blessed to travel for Hajj , and all my travel arrangements were made by British hajj and Umrah. Before travel I was always kept upto date with what was happening with my package and I found brother Ibrahim and Sabbir to me most reliable and honest and very accommodating for my needs as I did have several special requests. I will be using their services in the near future as I am planning my next umrah trip.”

Mohamed Khan, Birmingham - 29/08/2016

Umrah that changed my life

“Went for Umrah this year with British Hajj and Umrah Services led by Maulana Inam. All the services were fantastic, no complaints what so ever, would recommend this group any day.”

, - 11/01/2016

Good Service!

“I am quite happy with all the services you guys have provided. I think you have tried your level best to look after your Haji's. I like you all but i must mention here that Ibrahim and Mufti Yahya in particular were brilliant.”

Brother Nabeel Ashfaq , - 21/08/2015

Great Trip!

“For me personally it was great. I needed to get away and only your group offered me the dates that I needed. Pricing was competitive so no issues there. The seminar was well planned and conducted. Everything was highlighted in this time. The flexibility of the payments was fab for me. Br. Ibrahim always kept in touch even before I flew out. Travel arrangements were just right. Accommodation at both Madinah and Makkah, were near. I thought the Makkah hotel was too good! I had no issues with anyone. All I wanted to do in my 19 days was done. I wasn't a number to them I was a name. They spoke to me daily, asked how everything was. The addition of Mufti Yahya is a great bonus. All in all it was a great trip and a wonderful success. ”

Ameen, - 18/03/2015

Good Accomodation

“We wanted to thank you for being our guide for this special spiritual journey. We felt that allhumdolliah all the brothers did a great job in guiding us. The seminar, Pilgrim pack and leaders were all fantastic. We also felt the accommodation was also good it was neat and clean and the food was always fresh and tasty. Although we would probably had preferred to have it closer to the musj but we understand the reasoning behind having it near jamarat. Again the leaders were great and we were overall really satisfied with our Hajj. InshAllah I hope we would like to contact you again for our Umrah soon.”

Altaf Ahmed, - 02/07/2013

Package was good value

“It was nice to hear from you. Overall me and my wife had a fantastic time. I felt everything was well organised and went well. The overall package was good value and better than others such as Al-Hidaaya etc. I was very happy with the services provided by BHUS with all the brothers working hard to be helpful at all times. I have in fact already recommended you to a number of friends. The spiritual guidance from Mufti Yahya was excellent and may Allah reward him for this.”

Dr Mohammad Aslam, Glasgow - 06/05/2012

Hajj 2010

“This company can be described in one word - BRILLIANT! I completed my 19 days hajj package, stayed at Mubarak Silver Hotel in Madinah Full Board and Dar AL Tawhid in Makkah. The entire trip was just superb, far better than I expected and the staff were so accommodating. I would recommend going with these guys anyday.”

, - 29/09/2010